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My academic training is in psychology and dream research. I teach at Harvard University and am the author of dozens of articles and eight books including The Committee of Sleep, Trauma and Dreams, and Supernormal Stimuli. After years of studying and writing about dream art, I began producing it.

Artist's Statement
My own dreams inspired my current series of digitally manipulated photographs. I find the latest computer imagery programs perfect for evoking the oneiric world's fantastic entities and magical events . . . images that just can't be but they look so realistic that you don't question them at the time.
Many of my pieces depict thin boundaries between the inanimate vs. sentient. Objects, animals, and humans in a dream can manifest the same traits, as they're all representations of our unconscious. Even as I work in this techno-medium, I'm influenced by my favorite artists of past eras: Hieronymus Bosch's crude little creatures, elegant other-worldly entities of Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, and beings emerging out of randomness as in Max Ernst's frottage.
My goal is for the viewer to experience a connection with the dream world: to catch a glimpse of one of my dream moments, but more importantly, to connect with their own nocturnal realms from the vantage of the waking self.

2022 Winner of The Next Original national art contest -Winning piece on billboard in Times Square Dec. 30, 31, 2022 & Jan 1, 2023/// 2017 2nd Prize International Association for the Study of Dreams

My work can be seen in the following galleries: Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM; Grand Bohemian Gallery, St. Augustine, FL; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Savannah, GA; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Mountain Brook, AL; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Greenville, SC; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Charleston, SC; Grand Bohemian Gallery, Ashville, NC

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